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Stainless Steel Foil Alloy 316

Type 316 Stainless Steel alloy contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and 2-3% molybdenum. The addition of molybdenum increases both the corrosion resistance and the high temperature strength of this alloy. The most outstanding advantage of this addition is the increase corrosion resistance to reducing acids and pitting or pin-hole corrosion. In general, the 316 alloy is known as the major all-around corrosion resistance austenitic stainless steel available. This non-magnetic, non-heat treatable alloy possesses excelling cold forming and drawing properties. It also is rated up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standard Specifications: AMS-5524, AMS-5507, ASTM A 167, QQS-766, MILS-5059

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1   Inches/inch/°F x 106 from 68°F to 572°F (20°C to 300°C)

2   Lbs.per at 68°F (Annealed) ( x 27.68 gms./cu.Cm. at 20°C)

3   % IACS at 68°F (20°C) as annealed

4   % in 2 inches

5   x 106 PSI, tension

6   0.020 gauge and above (30T scale)

7   x 1000 psi

8   9.4 BTU per sq.ft.per hr. per °F

9   0.2% offset

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