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Speciality Metals

One of our strengths here at Comet Metals, is our ability to source hard to find metals. We have an extensive back ground and knowledge of mills, distributors, and converters throughout the world, that allows us to supply all types of metal materials.

In addition to our standard metals, we also stock the following speciality metals:

• A few 260 Brass items, commonly known as commercial brass

• Copper based alloys, such as Nickel Silver 752 and 770, Phosphor Bronze 510 and 521

• Hastelloy C-276

• Inconel 600, Monel 400

• Stainless Steel Alloys 420 and 430

• Nickel 200 and 201

• Titanium and Tin

Contact us above for any speciality metal inquiries and we will do our best to find the metal required.

Alloy Number ASTM Alloy Name Cu Zn Ni Sn P
260B-36Cartridge Brass70%30%---
752B-122Nickel Silvers65%17%18%--
770B-122Nickel Silvers55%27%18%--
510B-103Phosphor Bronze94.9%--5%0.01%
521B-103Phosphor Bronze91.9%--8%0.1%
230B-36Red Brass85%15%---

Call us at 888-539-5602 today for a quote or simply get an online quote. You may also reach us via email at sales@cometmetals.comThe specifications shown on these pages are not for design purposes.

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Search Our Metal and Alloy Catalog

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