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Comet Metals supplies and stocks Stainless Steel Foil, anywhere from .001 to .006, up to 40" wide for certain thicknesses. We also can provide material up to .040 thick, but our stainless steel foil stock is sporadic on those sizes. For more information about stainless steel foil products, please contact us at 1-888-539-5602 or email us. 

Looking for standard tool wrap? Consider our stainless steel tool wrap, an excellent solution for heat treating applications to eliminate scale and discoloration. We can supply that in .002" at 24” wide and 36” wide in 304 alloy. Looking for a higher temperature rated tool wrap? Try our 309 alloy which is rated up to 2250 degrees.

  • Stainless Steel Foil and Sheet Stocking Alloys
    • 302, 304, 309, 316 and 321
    • Others available upon request
  • Tempers: Annealed, ¼ Hard, ½ Hard, Full Hard
    • Others available upon request
  • Slitting Capabilities: .001 - .010
    • 1/2" Wide, up to 24" or 36" wide
    • Core Size: 3", 6" or 12"
  • Slitting Capabilities: .015 - .025
    • 1/4" Wide, up to 24" or 36" Wide
    • Core Size: 6", 12" or 16"
  • Sheeting Capabilities: .001 - .010
    • 2" Wide, up to 48" Long sheets
    • Tissue Interleaved
  • Sheeting Capabilities: .011 - .020
    • 2" Wide, up to 180" Long sheets
    • Non-Tissue Interleaved
Alloy Number ASTM AMS Spec No. C Cr Mn Mo Ni N Other
201A666N/A0.15%17%6.5%-4.5%0.25% (Max)-
301A6665517 to 55190.15%17%2% (Max)-7%--
302A66655160.15%18%2% (Max)-9%--
304A66655130.08%19%2% (Max)-9.25%0.10%-
304LA66655110.03%19%2% (Max)-10%0.10% (Max)-
316A66655240.08%17%2% (Max)2.5%12%--
316LA66655070.03%17%2% (Max)2.5%12%--
321A16755100.08%18%2% (Max)-10.5%0.10$ (Max)0.70% Max Ti 5X (C+N) Min

Call us at 888-539-5602 today for a quote or simply get an online quote. You may also reach us via email at sales@cometmetals.comThe specifications shown on these pages are not for design purposes.

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